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Dateline: New Orleans

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What Do Improv and Proposal Writing Have in Common?

The same principles of improvisational comedy can be applied to your job, according to comedian and speaker Izzy Gesell.

Gesell lead the audience through a couple improvisation exercises to demonstrate the concepts of presence, acceptance, and trust.

Presence. Improvisational performers are taught the “point of concentration” stay in the moment, unbothered by past performances or what might be in the future, Gesell said.

“They’re not thinking on their feet. They’re acting,” he said. They address “the smallest bit of information I need to focus on in order to move forward toward my goal.”

Remaining in the moment removes distractions of regret for the past or anxiety about the future. (more…)

This and That from APMP

Assorted notes from APMP New Orleans:

Career advice

Kristin Dufrene, president of APMP, and a native of Louisiana, encouraged the audience to focus on intentionality during their time at the conference and in their careers. As a “servant leader,” she said she found she always said, “Yes” to whatever was asked of her. She realized the importance of intentionality, she said, when asked to give a talk on “How to Say No.”

“You need to take a path, create a path for your career, … your involvement, … your certification.”

Need relief? Ask!

Constrained by an unreasonable page limit or deadline imposed by the client? Try explaining why it should be relaxed. That’s the counsel of a public sector proposal coordinator at APMP. (more…)